Made another drive-about this morning. I am pleased! Everything is clearing, mind you, still stained up pretty good. The Kinni is the dirtiest, the Rush, a bit clearer. All will fish tomorrow.

Define fishable?

I am probably a bit careful on this topic because different anglers define “fishable” differently. Many anglers fish when there is very little clarity in the water and do just fine. My definition of fishable is based mostly on safe wading and the ability of the average angler to negotiate the stream bed without being able to see it clearly. This can be dangerous and I will never put my clients in dangerous wading situations. It is just not worth it.  I know a number of guides who will take clients out under any conditions. That is not me. As I bring you my reports please be aware of that. Rivers also clear at different rates and there is know way I can have eyes on all sections of all rivers. Have fun this weekend, should be awesome. Give me a report