Sixex asked;

What is the purpose of the no fishing week prior to the state fishing opener. It’s probably the stupidest fishing regulation I’ve ever heard of!

The week long closure was implemented when the early catch and release season was put into place in the late 1990’s. Because of the complicated social issues regarding harvest and non-harvest philosophies, land owners and special interest groups, the “week long closure” regulation was born in order to allow the early trout season to even exist. This divergence in philosophies has again appeared with the new DNR non-harvest regulation proposals. Realistically, the system is in place in Wisconsin to allow for more non-harvest opportunities. However, those anglers are just not showing up to make their voices heard when the opportunity for public comment or voting arises. Maybe those anglers/voices just don’t exist?  The plain and simple truth is that this is an election. The election is for you to select new trout angling proposals/opportunities, or not. The vote is based on the users of the resources and more importantly who shows up to vote. The DNR is bound by statute to take the results of these votes under advisement. IF YOU FISH FOR TROUT IN WISCONSIN, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE. Admittedly I have missed opportunities to vote in the past where I thought my vote would not be needed. I ended up kicking myself. Don’t end up kicking yourself. Vote and comment when the opportunity arises. I will keep you updated.