Just when I thought we might be in the clear. Flows on streams in Pierce County spiked again with last nights rain. Streams are running a bit wild this morning. More rain may be on the way. 

Murphey boys fishing 5-13 11

Since my guide trip had to be cancelled this morning due to high flows I will try and catch you up a bit.

This years Eau Galle- Rush River Sportsman’s Club Trout Fishing Contest was won with a beautiful plump 18 3/4″,  three pound, brown trout. The Pierce County Herald posts the winners and pictures each year and I have been tracking the fish since the 90’s that have won the contest over the years. Here is a story I wrote last year about it so you can get some perspective about the size of the fish that have one this contest in the past. http://graygoatff.wpengine.com/2013/05/05/run-baby-run/   I think this is a great tradition. I see more kids on the river than at any other time of the year. Teaching a kid to fish, no matter the method, and letting them discover the wonders of the river is the first step. Imparting sound conservation ethic is the follow-up.

Spring Conservation Congress Hearings-


As you may or may not know, The Conservation Congress  is the only statutory body  that advises the Department of Natural Resources on how to responsibly manage Wisconsin’s natural resources for present and future generations. They have open hearings every spring and fall to discuss possible changes to resource related regulation changes. The public (from any state) are allowed to vote on these proposed changes as advisement to the DNR.

There were 5 questions in regard to changes in stream trout fishing regulations. All  the proposed changes attempt to provide YOU with additional trout fishing opportunities. Some involve the lengthening of season. The ideas for these proposals were based on science and/or surveys of trout anglers. I was invited by the DNR to take part in a Task Force to help craft these proposals. The meetings were filled with political and social issue discussions. In the end, I thought that the compromises and considerations made left the DNR with a sound science based set of proposals to provide all concerned with additional trout fishing opportunities.

Much to my surprise all but one of these proposals was voted down state wide. In Pierce County, where you fish, all of the proposals were voted down. I was blown away, again. Look at the results. They are questions 22-26. Spring Hearings You can view both state wide results and county results.

Pierce County has long been a hot bed of controversy over its trout fishing regulations. It is complicated. For over 20 years I have listened to the concerns of land owners, social and special interest groups, recreators and resource managers. On the bright side, there is a common thread. All are very protective of the resources. On the surface this is a positive. Below the surface it is murky. The difficulties of politics are apparent. However, there is a system in place for your voice to be heard(herd). For now, using the current system is the clearest path to enabling yourself the additional opportunities the DNR is offering up to trout anglers. I am encouraging you to take the time to use it. There will be more opportunities for the public to comment on these issues. I will get you the dates and mechanisms.  This one is up to you. Yougottawanna.