DSC00138If you were planning on coming tomorrow to fish, bring along your knitting. Yesterdays super rain blended all the main rivers into a chocolate milkshake. You may find the tiny tribs or brookie streams fishable but they did not provide much of a fishing experience today. I would go bowling.

This one will take a while to clear I fear. Many of the fields had been newly plowed and these storms came fast and furious.  A lot of dirt went into the system.


This last week

-Anglers worked hard, fish were tougher than usual,,,,I thought

-Surface action was almost non-existent

-Streams were clear, clear, clear and they could see you coming

-Recent high water events have changed the rivers, you will notice it

-friggin’ air temps have been all over the place there has been no consistency this spring

-This trend is trending to continue


I am guiding almost every day. May is booked. June has some openings yet.  Look for updates to be short or sparse or both. Understanding that I do have the toughest day job, please remember to cut this old goat a little slack. By the time I get home feed the horses, the family and my own face, then make lunches for the next day, this cowboy is ready to hit the hay.

Be well, fish hard, have fun, donate generously to the Goat Herd and the Kinni Land Trust.