I, I, I, Me, Me, Me

No one has guessed the bloom correctly yet. Time to up the ante. A sack of Bentley’s Balls and 6, no 8 flies that will catch trout. There is a clue in the original post that may help with the answer…. if you observe.

As a fly angler, it is helpful to continue to improve upon the skills of observation if greater success at angling is part of the goal. Every time you set foot into the environ that shelters and feeds the sub-surface swimmers that we are drawn to, something new or different, no matter how small, should be committed to memory. As the small details and variables are sorted and catalogued it eventually becomes apparent how tightly interwoven the web of life is. The relationships between our own species is complicated enough, but to un-mix and clarify the entire slurry of life into a picture we can clearly interpret is a quest yet un-achieved. There is one thing clear to me though. The loss of individual pieces that connect one life to another causes the picture to change. All life, it appears, has the ability to adapt to change to some extent, but the extreme stress we as a species are placing on the whole of life will reach a point far beyond the means of life’s adaptability. The picture at that point will not resemble the beauty that we are privileged enough to view every day, if we choose to see it. Well before the picture becomes ugly I hope we all can become better observers and modify our own behavior.