Yesterday fishing on the Kinni was a roller coaster ride. Rain fell in bursts throughout the night on Monday. Once again the total amounts varied as the radar “red storms” moved through the area. On the drive from Prescott to River Falls there were dry fields south and standing water in RF. My clients and I were greeted with a crushing downpour and cold wind at 8:30 am. Staying close to town, and the truck, we fished the upper Kinni where the night’s rain had swollen the river. Clarity was good, but it was full and going off as we fished. This stretch of water, which had fished well on the weekend in the faster drops and plunges, was shut down. Water temps were 49-51 degrees and fish just did not want to eat. The plan needed adjustment. We scurried back to the truck and set out for the Lower Kinni below the dam. I felt that the rain’s effects may be somewhat minimized below the impoundment. I was right and wrong at the same time. The water on the lower was up a bit as well and looked perfect. The water temps were the same, however, and no insect activity was to be seen. During the morning and early afternoon we tried 14 different patterns, 7 techniques, and every water type in the river…and nothing. Eventually, air then water warmed just a degree or two and the fish opened their mouths. The best presentation was down stream into medium speed, medium depth water. Slow down stream swings worked as well with fish chasing, later in the day. A #20 Pheasant tail, silver bead Zebra midge larva or Copper John worked . The day turned out well, the Kinni looks good, and I had fun. The beavers have been busy.

The Brule-Steelhead

Many of you have emailed me, asking questions regarding the run of spring steelhead on the Brule. Damian Wilmot, Brule Guide and keeper of Fly By Night Guide Service explained to me that the run came early this year. Record warm winter and spring conditions brought the fish in early to spawn this spring and chances of finding the big rainbows in the river are slim to poor. The “inland trout” portion of the Wisconsin Brule opens this year on May 1st and is a great opportunity to see a different facet of fishing this river with Damian. To those of you with plans to fish the Brule late in April you might want to adjust. A NOTE: The North Shore of Minnesota is a possibility, in the far north, but the word is that water flows are dwindling quickly.

The Big Green–Wisconsin

My friend Brian sent me this report from Southern Wisconsin. He has just moved here from Montana.


I attached a couple of pics from the Big Green.  I fished the Big Green last Sunday evening and caught bunch of chunker rainbows on big black and uglies due to the water being off color and high.  Notice in the one picture where the weed/dead grasses washed up on the bank, the whole river system had high water marks like this all over the place and I couldn’t believe how fast this all happens…Where not in Kansas (Montana) any more Todo!  We some rain on Saturday morning and even friday night, but jeeze the “gully” washers are true…..they are true!  I never believed until I saw the water line way above the banks and i could believe my eyes and it was still fishing great and trout where still rising to Baetis all evening long.  I stuck with nymphs, though.

Brian  Ramsey

Southeast Minnesota

My friend Derick sent me this report from Minnesota. He spent the day with My friend Dave Anderson from On the Fly Guide Service.
Yesterday Cara (my wife) and I had Dave Anderson guide us in SE Minnesota.  Dave certainly knows where to catch fish. He was great!
We heard a noise in the woods.  It sounded like a turkey coming and out popped this Grouse (see attached pics).  The Grouse came down the opposite bank looked at me then flew over to my lap.  It then followed me everywhere and would not leave my side.  It wasn’t big on you touching it, but as you can see in the photos it befriended Cara as well. He sat next to me with every fly change and watched me fish.  Hysterical!