The time is here again and a long walk on Sunday showed the waters of Pierce Co. in great shape for opening day. The Kinni seems a bit low but is probably running about normal for this time of year. The Rush is clear as glass and has ice shelves on the slower fringe water. The fish are using these shelves for cover from approaching anglers. These ice formations are located directly above many of the slow pools in which the fish are choosing to reside in at this time of year. The challange will be to get the fly underneath these shelves. So those of you who are out fishing on Saturday, please break these ice shelves up so it will be easier for me to fish on Sunday. Thanks. Midges were in the air and Stoneflies were on the snow in the late afternoon so have those drys and Midge emergers ready. The snow is all but gone on the fields avove the vallyes but some snow remains on the slopes, the North faces being the worst. It will take a fair amount of rain to kill this opener.