A customer brought up a good point about anglers fishing habbits. Many are creatures of habit and find it difficult to explore because their sucess rate may be diminished. Anglers fish certian spots because they have sucess. They are confident of the location of the “homes” of the fish and their feeding habits. I believe this is the best way for an angler to keep his skills at the mediokre level. The use of the tools, the knowledge of the bugs, adjustments to the surroundings, and understanding different water dynamics, is all knowledge and technique that becomes monotonous and stagnant if we go the same place over and over again. That being said, I will go to the same places because the beauty, memories, and connection to these places is what revitalizes my being. Remember, the only way you found these places is by exploring! Years ago I made it a point to never go to the same place two times in a row unless the circumstances deemed to tasty to pass up. This year I have activly fished on 9 different rivers and creeks. Generally, on these pages I speek about water conditions and bug hatches that occur on all the rivers in the region and try not to be to specific on the exact locations. Truth be told, the information I am asked for on a daily basis is pertaining to two particular rivers. I am giving what is asked of me. I do believe that we are crowding these two rivers as evidenced by my canoe trip down the lower Kinni on Saturday, the amount of traffic was overwhelming. In regards to other waters, I want you to tell me about them! I know where they are, and have spent countless hours exploring to find these places. The information is all public knowledge and just takes a bit of effort on your part. Ask me the questions and I’ll always give you a strait answer. I think the internet is an extremely powerful information tool. The users, sometimes want all the answers without having to understand or experience the questions. In my humble opinion this is no way to learn. I truly want you to all become better and smarter anglers. This happens in two parts. One, take a chance and desire to expand your horizons by fishing new rivers. This will spread us all out and relieve pressure on the main rivers. Second, pay attention to your surroundings, the big picture encompasses so much more than anglers and angling.