I checked the USGS site again (http://waterdata.usgs.gov/wi/nwis/uv?05342000) and according to it the Kinni is running at 91cfs – an ideal level. I spoke with several people this morning who went fishing yesterday and fishing was great on both the Rush and Kinni. The BWO’s continue to hatch on both rivers, although caddis apparently took more fish. That being said, a large tan caddis (#14) is coming off on both rivers. If you see fish leaping out of the water, it’s a safe bet that caddis are hatching, even if you’re not seeing any on the river. Look at the bushes on the banks for adult caddis. Cream to pale green midges are also hatching, don’t forget your Disco Midges and Brassies. And the occasional crane fly has been seen, they’re starting to hatch and will continue to do so for the majority of the summer.Good Fishin’John