The weather and the fishing reports go hand in hand over the last couple of days. Saturday’s rain was not enough to do any dammage to the rivers. The Kinni was the only one to go off color and returned to normal on Sunday. Sunday there was a mixed bag of results with the sunny weather causing the fish to hunker down during the day. The sucessful anglers seemed to be fishing small flies and black midge pupa. Monday was even tougher with the fish in plain sight and in holding or resting lies and not actively feeding during the hot sunny day. Again small was the part of the key, with nymphs of #22 or smaller and midge pupa of the same size. The other part of why the fish were not active will remain the great mystery, at least to me. Blame it on the weather! The ground can accept alot of moisture at this time of year without kicking the streams off. GO FISHING!