Ice shelves have formed on much of the slack water in the streams during our recent cold snap. Try to fish around these it will give you more cover from the fish. Although it may be difficult, it may help your mending skills and get you a few more fish. These shelves may be gone with the current warm up but they were there on Monday when I fished. Stream temps are still cold and the fish are still “podded-up” in the deeper water. This will change when the hatches start and the stream temps rise, although you will always find fish in these deep pools and runs. The fish are HUNGRY and should be active a good portion of the day by the weekend. The question of “run-off” problems has been raised and I don’t think it will be a problem. The small amount of snow we have should go slowly and the North face slopes will shed the snow even slower. As I am writing four more inches of the white stuff has just landed. Go fish! Brave the cold! The fishing has been phenomenal. Same patterns, dredge the bottom!