Both rivers are in good shape with the Rush and upper Kinni being crystal clear. The lower Kinni is still slightly stained.
Tricos hatching on both rivers with thicker hatches on the Rush as usual. Sunrise to 10am on sunny days and hatches running later on cloudy mornings. Keep switching patterns. spinners and patterns mired in the surface film have worked best. High floating trico patterns have been much less productive. Long leaders 10-12ft and 6 or 7x tippets are the rule. If you are a poor caster you will need an act from above to get these selective fish to eat.
Afternoons have been toughest with most active fish in fast broken water. Small nymphs #20 p. tails, zebra midges. prince nymphs have worked best.
Hoppers in yellow or olive have worked best on grassy shady banks. Black beetles and ants in 16-20 have been an alternative, but noon on can be frustrating to find active fish.
It’s so much fun and challenging at this time of year. You can look and see but touching is not easy.
Angler traffic has been light.