As you might expect, a fly fish product rep may have the tendency to collect lots of  “STUFF”  and my friend Paul O. has been storing it up for over 20 years at his Eden Prairie homestead. Years of samples are being sold at this “downsizing” the stock sale and there are some fly fishing treasures here. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to bolster your own angling inventory. The Goat will be there on Friday. Stop by and say Hi, I may just have a few malt beverages hidden in the pop cooler:)
Hours Thursday, Aug. 14th & 15th 10 am to 4 pm
Location 8899 Flesher Circle, Eden Prairie MN. 55347 
-Fly tying vise kits, tying tools and accessories.
-Huge selection of premium flies; Saltwater, Freshwater, and Salmon patterns
-Fly rods, spinning rods, bait casting rods and high preformance boat rods
-Travel rod tubes & rod carriers
-Lots of bags; Fly tying travel bags, Travel and large travel gear bags.
-Waterfowl decoys, boat sled and goose wind sock decoys.
-Waterfowl/Flyfishing canoe.
-Flytying materials, some unique stuff you may not have.
-Collectibles:  Ari T Hart reels and leader spools, 73′ Walton Powell fly rod, 63′ Shakespere Wonder Rod, Priests
-Waders, Aqua Designs shirts, Wader jackets, Rain Gear
My Guide

My Guide

-Thank goodness there are a few tricos out in the morning. The numbers are still low but at least the fish are finally starting to pay a little attention to the white winged curse. Nuff Said!
-Afternoon is for nymphing, splat patterning(hoppers or foam bugs) or stalking the grassy shady banks with a big dry. Practice your long casting and presentation. The flat water is spooky as hell. Streams are back to clear and rain has all but left the area for the last two weeks or better. Forecast says expect more of the same. Hopper numbers stream-side is growing.
-Evenings at this time of year can be awesome(they can also be tough). Yellow Crane flies were out last night along with caddis, both light and dark bodied. Temps are cool and wet wading makes the water seem warm and comfy. Traffic on all the rivers has been reasonably low.