This Trout Looks Different?

This Trout Looks Different?


It has not rained for over a week.  Here are some quickie summaries and questions.

-Are smallmouth bass really wannabe trout?

– Flows continue to come down, fishing is returning to the new normal for this year.

-Subsurface presentation is the game.  Short lived caddis activity at dusk continues to be the best dry fly action, it is not happening stream wide. Congrats if you have found one of these locations. Other anglers are hoping you will post GPS coordinates here.

-Trico rumors are running rampant. They should begin to show up…….. Spider web inventories and early morning outings have shown no signs of my favorite mayfly. I am remaining hopeful(for now) that they will,,,,, in some form or fashion, emerge in respectable numbers this year and did not fall victim to High Water Hell 2014.

-I have begun a few weeks back to wet wade. The water temps are perfect and comfortable.  Make sure you wear some poly pro long  johns under your quick dry pants. You will be safer from the nettles and prickly ash. Beware Wild Parsnip Is Everywhere.

-Gnats have been driving anglers to drink, smoke, loose focus and prematurely end outings. Deet seems to have little affect on them and vanilla extract draws in a bunch of other investigative undesirable insects to sample the taste of your meat.  Uvular and Ocular encounters with gnats have been the worst. Choking, hacking, hocking, spitting or rubbing, poking and pulling on ones eye lid does effect presentation of the fly.

-To those with rubber soled wading boots; The rocks have been slipperier than than normal. Is anyone else noticing this? Felt is a bit better right now. Either something is growing on the rocks or they are covered in fine slippery clay silt particles from the settling.

-Was just about attacked by a roving band of river otters this week. The 4 pups continued to swim circles around my anglers, curiously investigating, while Mom barked orders at them to get away. It was awesome! The pups would wrestle on shore and then flop back into the water and come and see what we were doing. Mom Otter was pissed because they were not listening. Kids!!!!!