Whats in My Mouth? Can I get them at the Greatwaters Expo? You Bet!

In fact if we get any more snow storms we will probably have to march away from the streams in April because of high water.

All good.

First it was Fly Fusion Magazine. Then, I was just told about an article in the Minnesota Outdoor News(which I have not read yet), and Now winning the Blue Ribbon hat and an awesome Unaccomplished Angler Sticker in a fun contest on Kirk Werner’s blog-site. If your not a subscriber to this blog click the subscribe button on this one. Kirk(aka The Unaccomplished Angler) is a successful writer of children’s books with a fly fishing theme. Kirk is breath of fresh air in an industry where we keep asking the question “How do we grow the industry ” and keep going about it by focusing the majority of our marketing on the accomplished angler who can buy the most stuff. I get economics but time and time again I see the children who are introduced at a young age to the water and fishing are the ones who find their way back when the age of economic ability comes to bare fruit. They are also the ones with the strongest commitment to the resources because with older eyes they are able to see the gift of sanity ¬†that brought their mentors to the water in the first place. It is an unmistakable connection. ¬†Hats off to you Mr. Werner, your formula is solid.


photo4-300x224Yes, My 82 year old mother knitted the hat in the winning photo. I will try and get a picture of her in the new PBR hat.

Get your butt bottom down to Tom Helgeson’s Greatwaters Fly Fishing Show in Blaine this weekend.Word has it that Bill Sherck from Due North Outdoors/ Minnesota Bound will be in the Gray Goat Booth on Friday. Also, check out the new fly(really a rip-off of someone else’s cool minnow pattern) It is called Goats Wild Thing. I think you will like how it moves. Picture to follow later.