Up-stream F Bridge

As I headed off to work in the Twin Cities this morning every gully, field, drainage ditch and river had water gushing from every direction. there was no containment. One of my fears was realized when the storm track from Tuesdays impending storm was forecasted to move 50 miles North and that would put Pierce County in the way of over an inch of icy cold rain. It happened as the forecast said it would. The rivers and creeks are full, and carrying the load of sediment from almost 6 months of no significant rain fall. To top it all off the rain that fell last night first ran through the landscape of fall plowed fields that had just begun to fall. A load of topsoil has just headed South……. These pictures were taken at 4PM and everything was still running. The Kinni who’s flow yesterday was a perfect 100cfs, spiked to a show stopping 500cfs this morning, decreased to 400cfs and climbed back to 461 where it sits right now. How will this affect this Saturdays opening day fishing,,,,,,,,,,,, I don’t know yet but probably not in a positive manner. I will keep you posted.