Popular Spot

Fished the Rush last night from 7pm to 9. Water was slightly off color and flowing strong. The added water at this time of year is great. Many times at the end of June the water conditions are clear and low. To have cool, slightly stained water is a plus. Although there was little hatch activity the cool overcast weather was comfortable. During the last few days of water flows falling the fish have located on the slow down seams and shoulders between faster currents. These spots have been money. There were six cars at the popular spot I chose for the evenings fishing. Mostly the anglers that I talked to were having little luck at catching.There was a mix of dry fliers and nymphers. Most of the anglers were concentrating on the main runs, drops and pools. As I watched them and others  fishing over the last few days it occurred to me that each took the same approach at the same spots. Each casting numerous times to center currents, flat middle sections or slow water banks, all with the same results….do da. These features are all likely spots, and would appear to any angler as the most likely areas to target. But why no fish catching? Wrong pattern? Bad presentation? Not from what I saw.

Successful anglers have learned to be more creative when fish catching is tough. The main features in popular rivers are pounded to death by anglers. It is the secondary, marginal, or difficult to cast spots that anglers need to look for and learn to identify  to have success on any piece of water that they fish. The 1 foot slot between two submerged rocks, the pocket in front of the rock instead of just the pocket behind, the 8 inch slow down trough off to the left of the main trough, The 2 foot by 2 foot drop underneath the overhanging tree. When you stop and really, really look at the features of any piece of moving water there are a multitude of these spots. You just have to look and see. The last few days, the fish were there…….eating. I realize that making effective casts to these areas is key when it comes to presentation and that accuracy and creative casting is learned, but if you never imagine that fish are anywhere else but in the main, slap you in the face water features, you will never learn to see the other spots. If you don’t open your mind, see, and challenge yourself to hit that 6″x6″x 3ft shoot that  slides into a 2′ x 2′ scoop you will continue having the same success as you are having now.  Next time you are out, stand back and look, really look. All it takes is a small spot to hold a nice fish. Sometimes these critters love to get off the super highways and travel the back roads. It is just up to you to find that gravel road. It is never far from the blacktop.

BEWARE: The Wild Parsnip is out along the roadsides and river beds, learn to identify it or you will pay dearly with your skin. scroll down on link page for pictures.