At 9000 ft in the mountains of Wyoming, I received the news. Heavy rains(as much as 6 inches) had blown away the creeks and rivers of Pierce County Wisconsin. Where I was the air temps ranged from the high 30’s to the low 70’s and only a bit of sleet fell from the sky. It was my annual trip to teach fly fishing at Spear-O-Wigwam Dude Ranch in the Big Horn National Forest of Wyoming. ┬áMore on that later………

The rivers in Pierce County have begun to clear. The Rush is fishable today. The Kinni is likely to be fishable as well, but I will see that later this evening. The changes that occurred will be noticeable and the walking should be easier along the river banks because much of the vegetation has been flattened. The rivers have rearranged their channels in many places. New holes have formed and rock islands have been pushed up midstream in places. Bluff side pools have remained. It is too early to tell if the trico nymphs held tightly to their rocks throughout the flood or were washed away. Time will tell. Reports are that a few anglers have found fish subsurface.

Missing snow fence, 12' up in trees

Here are the things that I saw yesterday while taking pictures, I did not fish.

-Many of the rocks have been scoured clean in places. Where water was clear the stream looked sterile.

-Watch out where you step off the bank. Yesterday while going to retrieve a cool looking rock, I sank up to my knee in what looked to be a solid sand bar. Sand and silt has been piled up in places, but has not compacted yet. be careful where you step.

-Rock hunting should be fabulous.

-Bridges and road sides are being repaired. If you find muddy water, travel upstream of the work.

– New channels, holes and rock bars have formed. The fish are just settling in. I think they will be hungry in short order.

-We may have lost some fish in this one, especially the young of the year. That we must wait and see.

-Get out there and explore the rivers, see what has changed in your favorite spots and let me know.