Look for this guy to pop up in the next two weeks. The little Black Caddis is a short lived hatch that occurs on all of the areas rivers. the locations can be spotty but if you cover enough ground you will most likely find them on the stretch of water you like to fish. Normally they have come on the week that the trout season is closed at the end of April in Wisconsin, but this year because of the early warm up they may hatch early. This CDC Caddis pattern is one of my favorite and is easy to tie.  Normally for this hatch(only lasts for about a week) I carry a high floating dark bodied Elk Hair Caddis that can be skittered across the surface of the water often casting down stream and skittering back up stream. Hook sizes are 15-18. Tie it with a visible hot spot to make sighting easier since this is a dark wing. Don’t get to crazy with the hot spot, keep it small so you can just see it. The low riding CDC pattern is great for soft water and finicky fish. Fish 6x unless the fish are going Bonkers, then tippet size won’t matter. This caddis loves sunny afternoons. I have not seen it on cloudy days.


Hook- TMC 102y  #15-17

Thread- Black or olive Gordon Griffiths 14/0

Body- Duck or goose CDC feather, wrapped

Wing- Duck or goose CDC  2 or 3 feathers with tips aligned

Hot Spot- White or colored CDC puff

Tag- Pearl Fire Fly (optional)


CDC Little Black Caddis

Elk Hair Caddis (hot)

Little Black Caddis