John in Action

Fishing this past weekend was all over the board at best, judging from the reports I received and my own experience. From what I have gathered fishing seemed to be a bit better in the morning and early afternoon. Fish fed actively and then turned off, or they were active in some spots but not all spots. Fishing was gang busters for some and not so good for others. Here is what might be happening. There has been a series of small cold fronts that have come through in the last two days and the combination of low water and cold fronts may have had some affect on feeding. This is just an edumacated guess.

Hatches continue to be spotty and some small gray crane flies were out on Saturday morning. The fish were not on them as far as I could tell. Adult midges were thick at noon on the lower Kinni and fish gobbled a #20 soft hackle pheasant tail. This fly is a life saver at this time of year and is always in my box.  This is early April and although we are weeks ahead in the warm up, early April can be jackpot or not. What was your fishing like?