Ponies in the Snow

Hello Andy, I’ll be coming from Iowa to fish early trout opener if weather permits. More than likely I will be fishing the Rush but maybe the Kinni. What can you tell me about the conditions or information about the fishing for opener. ¬†Thanks a lot,

I am glad to hear that you are traveling to the area to fish for trout. Here is what to expect.

First make sure you bring your snow shoes if you are planning to move any distance along the rivers. There is as much as 2 feet of snow in places making travel along the banks somewhat difficult. The water is in great shape with most of the big ice shelves cleared by the recent warmth and intensity of the sun. Wear rubber soled wading boots if you have them, it will make travel through the snow easier. We are hoping for a gradual warm up with freezing temps at night in the near future to melt the snow slowly. If we get a fast warm up there will be flooding problems and the experts are saying this flooding could be the worst in recorded history because of the excess snow along the entire Northern Mississippi watershed. So far the extended weather forecast looks just perfect. Have fun fishing, and hope to see you on the river. Hope this helps.