Partridge and Orange-soft hackle

Partridge and Orange-soft hackle

The partridge and orange is the second fly in this series, and a fly I am never without here on the streams of Western Wisconsin. It is said to represent a Caddis larva and is an impressionistic tie like the rest of the soft hackles. My version is brighter in color than the traditional tie and can be tied with black or orange thread. This fly is always fished as the trailer in a two fly rig and is fished in sizes#14-18. Dead drift or swing techniques can be employed with this pattern and I usually try them both when it is tied on my line. I believe that the movement of the soft partridge feathers is key to enticing trout to strike. Many times I will make extra mends to twitch the strike indicator and impart movement to this fly while dead drifting. This darting movement is meant to attract the attention of trout who might lie near its drift. Fish this one all season long.

Partridge and Orange

Hook: 1x long heavy wire nymph hook

Thread: Black or Orange

Body: Pearsall’s Marabou ┬ásilk -orange

Thorax: gray rabbit dubbing ball

Collar: Partridge soft hackle