img_1552We have taken on about 1/2 inch of rain in the last two days. The wind is blowing like a mad banshee and now it’s snowing. The rivers are fine, the fish are fine. The skies are overcast and there are few anglers on the waters. The secret is this is the best time to be on the water. I fished yesterday for two hours and came up with a few pretty specimens. The Quality of the fishing at this time of the year is just plain incredible. 

img_1547I visited with the executive director of the Kinnickinnic River land trust this morning, Nelson T. French. Nelson and his staff, Margaret Smith and Erik Forward work tirelessly to promote and preserve this valuable cold water resource. In partnership with the watershed land owners, this organization has protected  thousands of acres of land as well as over 8 miles of stream bank for you and your children to enjoy in perpetuity. The conservation easements they have acquired, although only a small dent in their master plan, prove that the investment in each other with long term vision for the future is a flourishing concept. Help them in any way you can. Volunteer your time, give money, donate your goods and/or services to their functions. This is a close to home investment that matters. Here are a few of the upcoming events on the land trusts calendar.

The 2009 River Cleanup will be Saturday, May 16, meeting at Shopko in River Falls at 930 am. Bags and a dumpster will be provided. Volunteers need to bring their own gloves. They will need to contact for signing up. Margaret will have more information on KRLT website very soon.

The road cleanup on County Rd. F, between County Rd. M and FF ( a 3 mile stretch including img_1549the bridge crossing the Kinni) will be on Saturday, April 18, at 9 am. KRLT will provide bags and have a limited number of gloves and vests. Meet at the corner of M and County Rd. F at 9 am. Volunteers will need to register for this as well. 

Thanks for reading and helping.