img_1533 With rain and snow possible every day this week, I hope you were able to take advantage of the nice weather and visit your favorite stream. The rivers have become quite clear and the snow has all but vanished. Fat, healthy fish were caught this week which is a good sign trout populations have made it through another long winter. Midges and Stoneflies were seen in good numbers. The Stoneflies were about 1 inch long and must have provided a good meal for the fish. The Bloody Prince nymph worked well in size10-12 to imitate these insects along with soft hackle varieties in small#18-20 sizes(hares ear, partridge and orange,p.tail). Fish on the Kinni were taking flies on the swing which is a good sign they are spreading to the riffles and becoming more active. The weather will play a part in this week’s fishing opportunities; watch it closely if you plan to go out, I will keep you updated on the rain in the area.