The waters are in full summer mode. Crystal clear and spooky is becoming the norm for conditions as of late and we have not had rain in the last 10 days. The forest has grown tremendously, and lesser used trails are starting to disappear. The early AM’s have been cool, comfortable, and a down right pleasant time to be on the water, although most people don’t know that because I never see anyone out there. The mid-afternoon has become tougher in the high sun but rewarding if you keep moving to find active fish. Go to the fast broken riff’s and runs for your fish. Break 0ut the BH Prince nymph and/or a soft hackle p.tail and you should find a few if your reaction time is good. For the dry fly anglers you must now hunt fish during the day. There are a few heads up along grassy banks and over hanging trees. The fun for drys starts at 6 or 7 PM and goes all the way to dark. There is a complex appearance of Mayflies, Stoneflies and a host of other bug life that the fish are feeding on the surface for. Put on you thinking cap for this show because many anglers throw every bug in there box and can’t get an eat. Be patient, Throw Spinners and emerging patterns in rusts,tans yellows or creams, and practice casting. This is the time of year where you improve those casting skills. Think about your drift, your position to the fish. How is the fly landing on the water? Did you just give that fish a concussion because you splatted the bug on the water with such force you got hit with the back spray. Practice, practice, practice, being a good caster is fun. For those of you interested, things are chugging along for me. The spring and early summer guide schedule has been busy. The new website will be up and running shortly. The site will be simple at first because I have not given my web Guru enough meaningful content because Ive been so busy being unemployed. Hopefully the new site will grow into a useful tool that all anglers can use to gain information, insight and advice, and find specialty products to satisfy their fly fishing addiction.The Gray Goat