It has been a whirlwindthe last two weeks. As you may know we have moved! I have been remiss in the updating of these reports and I do apologize. I have fished a little and worked more. The new store at Normandale Village, (98th and Normandale) is shaping up nicely. Come an see! The Grand re-opening will be early in September. Look for some cool free stuff for those who come into the store during this time. As you may know the trout fishing has gone into summer mode. Hot afternoons can be tougher than morning and evening. Black ants or beatles along the bank grasses has worked in the afternoons. On Sunday during the overcast afternoon there were BWO”s, and the fish were up on them. Stallcups pullover emerger in #20 was good for me. Look to the fastest water for nymphing fish and deep water for pods of resting fish and force feed them.