The Tricos were out in force Monday morning fore the start of one of my favorite hatches of the year. The bugs were as thick as any hatch as I have ever seen rivaling those of years past on the Big Horn in Montata. The fish were feeding voraciously but the sheer amount of bug carcuses on the water made the trout somewhat difficult to fool. The other factor making “catching” difficult was the crystal clear water. Landing a casting, fishing from the down stream position, would almost always spook some fish and I was fishing with 12 feet of leader. This would cause the whole pod to move upstream just out of my casting range with the 3 weight. This was on the flat, even current water. A down and across technique worked a little better but your drift had to be perfect. Another tip is to find the broken water and fish the soft edges with a straight downstream drift but yesterday the majority of the fish were congregated in the slower flatter water, at least where I was. Get your posteriors out of bed and go fish. Yesterday there were fish working at 7:30 AM when we arrived at the Rush river..