First, a fanny pack with 2 water bottles was lost between the meadows and the 690th bridge (Stonehammer). If anyone has found it the owner would love to have it back. Call us at 952-828-9554 Thanks.O.K….. There are just a few details we have forgotten before we make that first cast. The water is crystal clear. Chances are, even if you have looked in the water to try to identify what the fish are feeding on you coulden’t see it. Pull out that handy sein. What, you don’t have one? I thought so. I can count on one hand the times I have seen anglers actually sien the river to solve the bug mystery. What a concept, having the bugs in hand! Please try it, it will help. If you don’t think its important, keep guessing its been easy so far. Ready for that first cast, O.K.,move ever so slowly, No slower! Wait! Check your surroundings for your back cast, we don’t want the fly in those trees. Make good false casts being careful not to slap the water, and locate the fish that is your target. Don’t just randomly through it out there. Make as long a cast as you comfortably can……….. The whole first portion of these reports is about one of the vital links in the chain to making you a better angler. It is about OBSERVATION. Look deeper than you usually do into your first approach to any fishing situation. The ability to observe the finer details and store them in your memory to use again and again will pay off. There are more links in the chain yet to come. A weakness in any of them will detrimental to your overall sucess.