The rivers are fine. Now where were we? We haven’t made a cast yet. Look at the water! Let me say that again. LOOK AT THE WATER! Observe it’s features. Look in the water! Pick out the seam lines, look for the rocks and obstructions beneath the water. Find the drops and darker spots, this will identify the deeper water. Scan the banks in the immediate section you will be fishing and know every grass clump, overhanging branch and shrubbery. You need to be able to find Waldo in this puzzle. All this time you need to be looking for the trout also. This is a skill few anglers are proficient at and it is one that is learned over time. Find someone who can teach you this skill because the written word will not help enough. The trout in our Mid-western spring creeks do in general have a home, and once you find it you can increase your sucess by learning the floor plan. However, the fish will not be in the same room all the time. Trout will change thier positions in the house for a variety of reasons which none of us totally understand, and if you can sight these fish it will be to your advantage. Don’t make that cast yet! The FISH. LOOK AT THE FISH! How are they rising? Read about different rise forms and thier nuances. At this time of year chances are in the same area there will be different rise forms, indicating the fish may be taking different bugs. (to be continued).