For all of you shaking your head about all the fish you have seen on the surface and couldn’t catch, your not alone. Many customers have been experiencing similar troubles. The buffet line has started, and there are as many guesses as to what the fish are eating as Umpqua has in there Enflyclopedia! At this time of year I think the fish are feeding on a variety of morseles and not one thing in particular. There are truly no strong hatches of any one thing and its driving anglers nuts that they can’t come up with one difinitive solution. News Flash! It happens every year at this time. Solutions come at a much greater cost and sometimes not at all. You must dig deeper and hone your skills to a finer degree. The water is incredibly clear and the fish can see and hear you comming, making stealth the utmost of importance. If you blow it here your in for a long day from the start. Approach cautiously and have a plan of attack BEFORE you approach. This is where it all starts and its easy to forget since you have been walking right up to th fish all spring without it seeming to bother them. Choose the largest, ugliest, high floating dry fly you have in your box, nothing works anyhow so you might as well be able to see the damn thing. I’m not kidding, but theres a kicker. Use this fly as an indicator, it has as good a chance as any to draw a strike. Tie your best educated guess as to what the fish are eating about 16 to 18 inches behind your extremely large and ugly dry fly. This second fly is the fly that is so small that the dust mites nest in it and you couldn’t even see it to tie it on. Remember we haven’t made a cast yet. (To be continued)