The rivers are in great shape, almost crystal clear again. The bright sun has compressed the most active feeding period to the dusk hours. Most recently the early morning hours have been getting more active. Many anglers have reported slow going in the midday. Target the faster boulder strewn streaches and short line nymph the pockets in front and behind the bigger rocks. This tactic worked through morning and afternoon. The nymph for a sulpher/PMD is a pheasant tail in sizez 14-18. Lead your 2 nymph rig with a large #8 or #10 Prince nymph. Just a heads up, Throughout the periods of rain we have recently had the rivers were only unfishable for about 12 to 20 hours. The ground, and the amount of foliage in the woods played a big part in the runoff. This plant life and soil has kept the water from all entering the rivers all at once. The La Cross area is in good shape.