I fished Rush creek and the south branch of the Root river on Monday. Rush creek was very low and clear as a bell. The fish within a one mile stretch were mostly in two pools just trying to survive. The mid-day sun plus the depth of the water had them hunkered down and not feeding. No hatches! The Root fished better with a nice smattering of tan Caddis, Midges, and some large dark mayflies, presumably Dk. Hendricksons. I had not fished this water before but the comments from those who had, once again refered to the lack of water in the stream. The down and across skitter method worked very well running a #14 tan Elk hair caddis with a dark colored caddis pupa trailer. The riffles were the place to be. Dead drifting a pupa pattern also worked well. Sub surface Midge patterns worked also. Lots of fish, most between 6 and 12 inches.Sorry for the spelling,must go now!