Your tour today covers 117 miles and 7 sections of water on 4 rivers. The Trimbelle, Lost Creek, Rush, and the Kinni (upper and lower) were all scouted . The Trimbelle at Co. Rd. O and Hwy 10 looked slightly stained with decent clarity definitely fishable at 6AM when I saw it. The next was Lost Creek which was slightly clearer than the Trimbelle. Unfortunately The Rush at Hyw 72, El Paso, and Martel was colored with clarity only along the edges. On to the Upper Kinni at Quarry Rd. Good Clarity and high water but just right for fishing. The lower Kinni about 200 yards from the dam also looked just right for BWO’S this morning. Today would be a great day to be out fishing, Crowds will be nonexistent and the weather will be cool and overcast. BE AWARE THESE WATERSHEDS ARE ALL CONTINUING TO DRAIN AND WATER CLARITY CAN CHANGE AT THE DROP OF A HAT!