I Want You To come and have fun.

Below are a few bullets about the event. Below that are some more details about the Community Forest Project.

-Every Kid 17 and under is entered to win a Cabelas Fly Fishing Outfit

-Fat Tire Beer and Beer Swag will be everywhere. Voodoo Ranger will be lurking

-You can use your credit card to buy raffle tickets and to pay for silent auction items

-The “Stump Grinders” will roam and play Blue Grass Music

-Talk will be cheap, lies will be plentiful

-Guide trips, artists and artwork,Wine, flies, golf, gift cards, food and popcorn will be available

-Only Cool people will be allowed in the door

-Book a room at the Country Inn RF for a special rate

⊕ First one to guess where I was when the photo above was taken gets a free hat and 5 raffle tickets when they come to the event.

Parking will be somewhat of a challenge  enjoyable,,,,as always. Pay 1 will be free after 5PM or park on residential streets. Pay 2 will be free at 7pm. We are trying to get pay 2 open at 5 but the University has rules. Will keep you updated this coming week.


From the perspective of the R4F Film Festival organizers, we (we refer to ourselves as “the knuckleheads”) are thrilled and humbled our event is the nexus for the stakeholders and enthusiasts to come together on one night with a shared goal.  What started as our desire to have a fun event (and raise a bit of money) has evolved into something much more than we expected.  

The event is Feb 28th, with doors opening at 5 and films starting at 7.  Location is University Center on the UWRF campus in River Falls, WI.  We sell sponsorships, which include tickets and access to the Fat Tire VIP room with unlimited beer, wine and food.  Regular tickets can be purchased online for $15 each.  

Given the uniqueness of the opportunity for River Falls, the history of the parcel, the enthusiastic cooperation between volunteer groups, non-profits, the city / school district and a community motivated to secure the land (not to mention the environmental and educational benefits) this is a very special opportunity indeed to procure a legacy property for our children and to  enhance public awareness of of this spectacular resource.