Hi there,

  We are interested in you Fly Fishing Festival, but have a couple questions regarding it.  It says that is opens at 5:00 and the film starts at 7:00, so what is the set-up between 5-7? Are their tables? presenters? things to loom at? Is it one film or a series of films, and what is the length of the film? Is this event ever sold out?



Hi Carol

Yours are great questions. 

Every year I get caught up in the process of putting together this event with the other Knucklehead friends of mine and forget there are some folks, a whole bunch of folks, who have not had the chance to attend our showing of the IF4 films. We use these fly fishing films to raise a little money to foster the health, beauty and protection of The Kinnickinnic river. If I might say, it is an amazing event. That being said I would be remiss in not telling you that this event is successful because of “the whole”. Folks like yourself who will come this year for the first time. Folks that are not fly anglers but care deeply about the river. Students and teachers who study the interconnected life in the watershed. Fly fishers from all over the country. Moms and Dads and children who walk and play immersed in the Kinni’s waters. The list goes on…. It is because they all care about this beautiful wild place. 

The doors open at 5 because,,,,,,  A bunch of Awesome Sponsors and Local Businesses, Artists and Musicians, the Fly Fishing Community and folks from all walks of life have joined together once again to support this event with prizes for silent auctions and bucket raffles. There will be STIMULATION. Artist Bob White will paint at the event. Dave Norling Fine Cane Rods has donated another hand crafted bamboo rod. There will be a Stained Glass Tiger Pike, Guided Trips and Fly Tiers, trips to exotic destinations and to Michigan:) There are beginner fly fishing set ups, cooking packages, and an AWESOME hand made quilt. A reprint of the only children’s book that has ever been written about the Kinni will be for sale with all proceeds going to the cause. Every adult who has ever read this book has fallen in love with its artwork and content. It should be required reading for the area. There will be a roaming blue Grass band and some of the coolest new flies. There will be plenty of giveaways and a ship ton of other prizes. New Belgium Brewery/Fat Tire Beer will be interacting with the crowd and HOT PRESSING our R4F Logo onto hats at the event and selling them dirt cheap to raise a few pesos for the Main Event- A 44 acre piece land to be turned into a community forest. Whoooo!

OK, The Films…..This is a series of short adventure/fly fishing films from all over the world. Cool stuff!! You can look at the previews on line at https://www.flyfilmfest.com I look at the sizzle reel every morning and get excited. We also may add a few of our own films in the mix as well. The whole ball of wax should wrap up by 10PM with you walking out with a bunch of stuff or at least a warm fuzzy feeling. The event has sold out every year since 2014 and at last count there were just over 100 tickets left. Tickets can be bought on line at the link above or at Lunds Fly shop in River Falls. They are $15.00 each for the event, but the best ticket in the house is the sponsor ticket that can be bought at https://kinniriver.org which includes free beer, wine, water and food for the event.

Sooooo plan on having a little bit too much fun, giving a little too much money to a great cause and make your reservations in advance by phone 1-715-425-9500 at Country Inn River Falls. This local Inn is located just off the banks of the upper Kinni and is providing a special $99.99 room rate called “The Fly Fishing Film Special”. Stow your gear in your room and slide over to the University Center for the films. Doors open at 5PM  Friday Feb 28th. 

Hope to see you all there.