Streams are clear as glass. Water in good condition. If you have not been fishing enough to explore all of your favorite Pierce County Waterways, likely they have changed in character from the high water this spring. Some stretches for the worst, some for the better. As I am slowly getting to explore I am finding favorite pools gone, islands that disappeared and rocky runs filled with sand. I am also finding some new deep cuts against banks and bluff side undercuts that were not there before. It is change, and change is. I am having better luck  catching (numbers wise) on one of my favorite streams than the other. This trend usually plays out the opposite but I don’t want all the anglers to rush their on my experience so I am not going to name names. I just have not put enough time in exploring all of my favorite haunts yet.

It seems like the word throughout the local fly fishing community is that the catching part, especially on the surface has been difficult so far this summer and that except for a short BWO hatch early and a smattering of caddis at dusk topwater has been not been as productive a method. Everyone is asking about Sulfurs, PMD’s, PAD’s, Little yellow bugs, little yellow/green bugs. I have seen only onesy- twosy and no fish to the surface for them. The Dames Rockets are in full bloom. In the past this has been the timing for good hatches of the light colored bugs of summer. What has your experience been??

Wear a Buff or the gnats will eat your ears right now in a number of areas.