Today,,,,, you get a three  in one report. Short and sweet, no long winded extra verbiage. No pomp and fluff…I digress. First a fishing report, then a Film Fest Report, then a trout in the classroom report.

Yesterday I attempted to fish. I could leave it at that but I won’t. Short and sweet.

Wanted to get out early. Didn’t. Needed to have gotten to the river by 8 or 9 AM. At noon some edges were clearish but water was rising. By noon-30 trib’s, creeks and runoff gullies were spitting brown into the river. Attempted crossings at normal access spots but was thwarted. Too deep, poor visibility and the current was quite strong.  I decided to abort the mission. I am sure there was some fishable water, or let me say what I deem fishable, out there in the morning. The Kinni looked the best but I had business eastward from the Prescott. So off I went to explore the Mississippi dumpers.

Overall I think we are darn close to getting the first best “after run-off” fishing of the spring. The snow across the agricultural belt that buckles up our trout streams has all but vanished. The scattered snow patches across the North facing bluffs is all that remains. I so enjoy seeing what has changed at my favorite river haunts, oh and feeling the bend of Spring. It has been a long one this year.

The old goat with Roy, a young, trout loving, setter

Once again we lit up a Friday night with a community friendly event and gave a little back or payed a little forward to help protect the health and beauty of the river that runs through it. Thanks Everyone!!! Still no exact totals on monies donated but it looks like we may have topped last years $25,000.00.  Thanks Everyone!!  Oh, buy the way the after party lasted till 5 AM. Breakfast was at 9AM fishing followed.  How much fun is that?


Trout in The Classroom is an awesome program put on in conjunction with Trout Unlimited and  local schools. The class(in this case 5th graders) provide the care and attention to detail to raise trout from eggs through the juvenile stage and culminating in their eventual release into Wisconsins, Willow River. Along the way they learn about food chain, circle of life and why they should care about clean water and how to be good stewards of the land. Folks like me get the great pleasure of sharing this experience with them. Thanks Karey Sizemore’s 5th graders and thank you KIAP-TU-WISH.

The River Falls R4F, If4 was a grand success, again!!! I can’t thank all that were involved enough.  There are some great photos at the facebook link here

More to come…..