OK, the temperature has dropped like a rock in a pool and yesterday the snownados danced across the open fields and pastures like there was a party all day long. The forecast is only to get worse. Damn, no trout fishing for this cowboy. I think I will tie some Zebras. First I need to email my friends.

This is a note I just sent to my buddies to get them to attend this years international Fly Fishing Film Tour event. I cleaned it up a bit so I could go public. The photo above was just after we had broken the world record for the largest brat and bun ever made. We were Brat Rollers. It was a pretty big deal. check it out 

OK fellers here is my pitch.

Since there is not a scheduled holiday meeting at Mitchells place between now and Thanksgiving (that I know of) I thought it might be fun to get everyone together at an event that I along with 5 of my angling friends host each year. This would be the International Fly Fishing Film Tour If4  This is an evening of short exciting fly fishing films from all around the world. They are the best of the best short films and the energy in the room is always high. We have sold out every year since we began in 2014 at 550 seats. I am the MC of the event. Because the Kinnickinnic river is in our back yard and is such an incredible resource, we donate all the proceeds from the event to the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust 
Last year we raised over $24,000.00and drank beer and watched movies all night. Yes beer wine and food is available at the event. Tickets are $15.00 each OR You can be a sponsor and get VIP treatment all night in the VIP room where food beer and wine are free. You can do a company or personal sponsorship for as little as $100.00 and get two tickets to the show and the corresponding passes to the VIP room for the event. The sponsor layout is on the KRLT website linked above. This is a no brainer for a good cause and the sponsor route is a great way to go. No mater the case, I think it would be a fun get together for our group. We have sold out every year by the end of Feb and have already sold 150 tickets as of today. This is a family friendly event so bring the wife, the kids or your buddies. Casual attire, leave the starch at home. Yes, there are number boards and silent auctions and bucket raffles and you could even win something cool.  Keep me in the loop on your plans. You can only get sponsorships through me or the Land Trust. I can’t get you tickets if they are gone. Don’t wait.
As I am putting the donation and prize list together this evening, it is getting better and better. The generosity is outstanding.  There will be a drawing for any kids attending that are 17 and under. The winner will wind up with a full Orvis rod and reel set up. By the time we get to the show we should have more accessories to add to this package. The Norling Daves have also donated another Cane rod for this years fund raiser, incredible! That makes 7 brand spankin new rods already donated so far. Rumor has it there is also a USGS minute map of the Kinni with commissioned original trout artwork on it. Only 10 similar to it exist and no-one seems to know where the others are. Artists name to be released as we get closer to the event.   I could go on but its getting late.