A blast back to openers past


Yes, it has begun. The first Saturday in January marked the start of the inland trout season in Wisconsin. At 2 weeks in this is a catch and release season provides a much needed outdoor break to the cabin fever that grips the masses of fly anglers(really a small group) in these parts of the frozen tundra. At present there is no snow blanketing the area and temps unseasonably mild. That will change this week.

Last week I was out on one glorious 30 degree day for about 4 hours. The wind was low and the water conditions were clear and 38 degrees. Signs of a recent high water event were evident. Rocks had been turned and scrubbed clean. The browned grass was laid flat and frozen pools of water, where the river had recently flowed, stood cold and solid. I remembered the rains that had come at the end of December, early January. This spot on the Rush, one of my favorite, had changed from the last time I saw it at the end of last years season. The sun showed brightly and its intensity told me we were on our way towards spring. I was warm. Two fish came to hand, both plump and healthy. I was surprised at their size. No lack of food in here. Happily, I headed to the truck. There was some place I needed to be.

In the recent past the fly fishing community has taken to developing relationships with every craft brewer, tap room or distillery and rotates each week from one to the next passing the coldest hours of the winter developing some of the most intriguing fish catching fabrications known to man. Some just drink the creations of the brewmasters, others just tie flies. But those who drink and tie most certainly create a special end product sure to catch the big one. It never fails, the company is good and the stories flow side by side with the spirits and sensations that spring from the vices of those who live in the Northland. Cheers!

Check out these film trailers https://www.flyfilmfest.com/films/   Mark  your calendar Friday March 8th 2019, River Falls, Wisconsin. More updates to come here and on FB. Be a Sponsor. Contact me here andy@graygoatflyfishing.com