This week has been a bit tough on anglers. It is “that” time of year and the dog days of summer are biting a bit better than the trout.

Here is a short report for those of you who prefer not to read the ramble. It is like getting the weather first, rather than having to read how our Outstanding Presidential Candidates have promised us the moon, stars and free tickets to our own personal prosperity. I believe every word they say, don’t you????  Water clarity is very good. Air temps have caused water temps to rise quickly during this heat wave(no surprise there). This is NOT desirable. Stream-side trailing to your old favorite spots has become difficult. Finding passage through the nettle and parsnip jungles has been less than pleasurable. Target deep pools, shaded areas, locations down stream and in close proximity of spring inlets and large rock pockets. These areas are where we are finding active fish, mainly smallish, but active. Yes nymphs. I believe most reports on the web have been similar in regard to “The Tricos”. Everyone has been looking for them but not really finding much for quantity or quality. There have been a few tricos in the spider webs but nothing to write home about. Darth Vader has been spotted in the afternoons but again the pickens have been slim and the majority of the fish on top have been small and thats OK. What have you been seeing?


Shortly after the big rains of a couple of weeks ago, both the Kinni and the Rush were pushed into a slightly rearranged condition. The winds and the water, uprooted, snapped and twisted cottonwoods, willows and oaks. Lumber in the water took out a bridge south of Vino in the Valley and continued to chew up the cement on many of the slab bridges crossing the river. Pierce County workers once again had their hands full piling lumber and repairing asphalt around the bridge decks. The Rush was hit harder than the Kinni although the Kinni did hit almost 1,000 CFS.

The catching in the early stages of the aftermath seemed to be rather good. A few larger fish were hooked or caught.  I am always amazed at the power and destruction of these flash floods. I make it a goal to get out on the water quickly after these events.  As the waters are receding(clearing on the edges)and appear to be pretty stained up, the catching can be quite good. I believe trout can see much better in stained water than we give them credit for. Clients who are booked for these days are usually rewarded with some nice catching. Those who are booked the day before usually get the “streams are blown” speech and we try and reschedule. Plain and simple it is just the luck of the draw.

Here are a few thoughts for this time of year

Wet wade, it is a bit cooler on the body. Stay out of nettle fields with light weight pants, it is a un-pleasurable burn. Learn to identify wild parsnip, it is an un-pleasurabe burn.

Fish early and late in this heat. Be kind to yourself and the trout.

Drink water, not beer, before during and after.

Talk with your children about contraception.