Yes I am still here! Busier than ever before both work wise and work wise. This two jobs thing turning into three and a half jobs thing is for those between 20 and 50, not for an old geezer like me. Alas, grab the bull by the horns, pass me a beer and lets enjoy the ride…..


Water conditions are clear and spooky and lowish right now. Even with the rain , flows have not gone up.  The ground has soaked up most all of the water from the slow even rains we have received. I am waiting on todays burst to see if it will add a little color to the water.


The light colored mayflies of summer have started their cycles. Before long I fear Mid-days will become hot, and fish will move to a AM-PM activity cycle. For now catching has been good throughout the day. Larger fish have fallen mostly subsurface. Practice dry fly casting to small, wiener dog, trout can be found in most stretches of water. Be gentle on hook sets, they become flying fish quite easily.


A Rare Double Wiener Dog

Each outing in the Month of May has been remarkably similar. Fishing for my clients(catching as well) has been consistent with a bucket load of small trout happy to cooperate as anglers try to make their way to the 12″ year class trout that have been a bit more illusive this year. Trout over 14″ have been regular, and on almost every outing, at least one of these high quality, furious browns have fallen to the fly. A few fish in the 16″ to 19″ range have been caught too. No one has cracked the 20″ mark,,,,,yet. That trout is still to come this year.



Just a reminder; I am guiding during the week as usual Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, I am at the electronics facility from 6AM to 6PM. Tuesday is old guy recovery day. My guiding schedule is booked solid through mid July as of today. Shoot me an email for availability. Here are a few more photos from May.


A Trip Down The Miss