To keep documentation of the strange behavior(or disappearance of) the trout on our local waters, keep the reports coming to this thread for now. I will dig a little deeper into the dilemma.


Well, Well, Well

A remarkable occurrence happened on Saturday at our traditional opener. Out of 14 anglers(some of the best I know) dead set in the middle of the lower Kinni, no one landed a fish. Water temps in the lower to mid 30s, nice day, Midges and small stones everywhere, everyone in prime form, clear water, NO FISH CAUGHT. That is 14 skunks plus all the others I spoke with. Thats a bunch of stink. There are theories. Some of them included fish kills and toxic spills. No fish!, how could it be? I have to admit, for the conditions, it should have been a very successful opener. But something was different and I haven’t quite nailed that down yet.  Many other anglers in other watersheds had the same success, nada, zip, zero, none. We know the fish counts are down in Western Wisconsin, but zero!!!!!!!  I have talked to two anglers since then who had caught fish on Saturday but they were largely the exception. More on that later…….

TODAY Tuesday

At 8AM I shunned all responsibility and drove to the river. And then the next river, and the next. I drove and drove and drove. Most all the water in pierce county was high and dirtied up. The good news is that none of the rivers were blown up in that classic spring blow out style event. They were just high and murky and cold. I never strung up my rod and was home by 11. I will try and keep you up on conditions this week when I get another chance to look for that first head shake of the early season. Here is a link to my friend Nate Sipple’s blog with another story from the weekend. The Meandering Trickle