poster proofI just watched the trailers for the 2015 f3t fly fishing film tour. Hands down, this has to be the best set of fly fishing films yet to be compiled into one showing. There is something here that will touch the heart and soul of everyone, angler or not. The stories are about life, all life,  and are brought to you through eyes and hearts of those passionate about the world we live in,,,,,,and yes, the fish that swim in the waters coursing through our planet.

First, go and watch one of the entry trailers at    Now scroll to the bottom and hit the “official selections” button to watch the trailers of all the films in this years film tour.

If you only have time to watch one or two trailers, pay special attention to     or

Now you get the picture.

Next, buy your tickets, or better yet become a sponsor for this one time showing f3t. There is no more fitting location than on the banks of the Kinnickinnic river and this awesome set of films will be sure to rock your socks off the night before opening day of trout fishing,  Friday March 6th 2015.


Over 20 sponsors have lined up already to support this great night and great cause. For as little a $100.00 you will get tickets to the show, VIP treatment to beer and food,  and a chance to pay forward in return for what this great river has already given up.

Yours truly will be the MC for the evening and your support is appreciated.