Mark Your Calendars! Friday, September 26 from noon to the moon – All interested parties are welcome!

On September 26th, the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust along with Gray Goat Fly Fishing will have its first ever Jackson Preserve Appreciation Day. The Jackson is the first ever public access into the heart of the lower Kinni Canyon and the Gray Goat has a special connection to this place(more stories to come). For this reason, as well as a solid commitment preserve and protect one piece of a giant, unique, resource rich puzzle, I have thrown my hat in the ring as the Preserve Steward with responsibility for managing and protecting this vital link to the Kinnickinnic River. This outing is the beginning of an effort to forge strong relationships and partnerships with groups and individuals interested in improving their quality of life as well as that of their communities. The goal becomes a shared effort between conservation groups, local governments, business owners, the university and individuals looking to make the community a more vibrant place to live.

FLY ANGLERS, I need your help!

It is my hopes that the fly anglers can play an important role in this conservation goal. Use patterns have shown that we are the main users of the Jackson Preserve. In my vision, I see a place where we as a group can give back, or maybe pay forward, for the value we receive by accessing the Kinni through the Jackson Preserve. If you know anything about The Goat(I love this 3rd person stuff) there is a work hard, play hard ethic that keeps my circle of life rolling. There will be no lack of either on any events I put together. This first event is a beginning. A chance for folks to meet, exchange ideas, make a difference and to celebrate how lucky we are to have this wild trout fishery so close to home.

I envision the day shaping up like this;

-12:00 noon – Begin systematic removal of targeted invasive species. This is our first goal and there is a documented and defined approach to make sure we are being effective at eradicating these nasty invaders. Letting you all loose with machetes and chain saws is an option you have to earn.

-3 or 4pm-String up some rods, grab some beverages and head down to the Kinni for a little fishing and story telling.

-7:21 is Sunset- Slap each other on the back, tell each other how great we are, go home happy.