Pat paid the goat a nice compliment then asked

Sometimes I find what looks to be an ideal spot. After multiple flies and plenty of casts; no takers. 

My question is how much time do you usually spend at a spot before moving on to greener pastures? Some people seem to be constantly moving; others wait out a hatch. 




Hi Pat

 A great question. My answer probably is based on two thoughts.  The understanding of drift, drag and reasonable presentation and the ability to identify trout hotels(likely holding lies). Once you become confident in these two concepts I put the old rule of thumb into play. If fishing is fast, fish slow– If fishing is slow, fish fast. This means if you are putting good drifts through likely spots and getting nothing, move on. On the other hand if you are catching or hooking fish, stay put. The spot will usually tell you when the trout are done with your presentation. Trout can be active at different times in different locations along the stream. I prefer to move to find feeding fish rather than wait for them. Others don’t mind waiting at likely spots until something happens. Both thoughts are valid.

I do find it enjoyable and valuable to explore as many spots as possible. Anglers learn nuance by repetition, so visiting numerous locations often, will allow for a wider range of experiences in casting, reading the water and presenting the fly.