DSC00244As our weather pattern continues I urge you all to get out and fish in the next few days. Looks like more rain may be on the way and the river systems are having difficulty keeping up with it.

Fished the Rush last night 5-8 pm, with some success nymphing my way to the hearts and mouths of a few trout. I almost drove home without giving it a try because it wasn’t very pretty. I was pleasantly surprised. The water is very stained but the fish were clearly able to see my offerings just fine. The Kinni and the other rivers vary a bit in color but with careful wading and a keen eye for likely fish locations, there are fish to be caught. Further up-stream on these Pierce county rivers, the clarity is generally better but you probably won’t find the normal level of clarity anywhere. ┬áThe fine particulates clouding the water are probably here to stay for a while, which is fine because the fish are not able to see us as well.


Here we go again!

The stream beds are either soft and settling or rocks and boulders that are still jostling for stability. Be careful, you cant quite see them all and it is easy to face plant.  The unsettled stream bed is just prime for another heavy rain to mix it all up again into poop. This is exactly what is happening and it is taking longer and longer to for clarity to return.

May I suggest looking for obstructions and soft water edge seams down stream from obstructions. The water can be fast flowing but just find a drift concentrating on the slower current or dead zones down stream from anything that obstructs current flow. I was nymphing both with indicator and without. With an indicator, it seemed that if my depth was not exactly right I was missing the soft takes. When I took the indicator off and was able to feel the bottom through my line and the tip of the rod, I was much more in touch with the bite. Teach yourself to fish naked(without an indicator:), both techniques are equally important to being more successful at catching. Out of 4 anglers surveyed last night, the two who fished slow to medium speed deep water had little success. The two that were fishing pockets and down stream of obstructions in medium and fast water found more fish.

Go now or ride the Ark tomorrow.