photoThe trout waters in Pierce County are all in good shape as of today. With the inland trout season closing at the end of September  there will be one last chance for you to get your trout fishing in this week.

Friday and Saturday the trout were feeding sporadically on the surface throughout the day. Trout could be taken on #16-20 black ants placed carefully along the quiet water slow downs next to the banks. A tan #14-16 elk hair caddis fooled some fish in the riffs. Small 16-18 Prince nymphs and caddis pupa (olive/green) worked as good as any imitation presented sub-surface.

Waters are clear and running at normal flows for this time of year.

In my experience the trout seemed to be a bit persnickety the last two days. They were just not jumping into the boat creel. The normal lies, with good presentation, did not produce as many fish as I would have expected. So much for expectations! I continue to learn. On Saturday our small group  consumed a small shore lunch of Kinni trout. It has become our tradition when closing the season. The stomachs of the trout, boys and girls were full and bulging. As the days grow shorter it was apparent they have begun they’re feasting. The remaining time is short for this year. Get out if you can