IMG_20130728_142025From the flow data, It looks like the rivers should have held through last night fast and furious rains. I am guiding today so I will take a look around at water clarity today but I am guessing that there has been no major blow outs. I love this August cool down. Looks like August is the new September,,,,,,,, lets just hope September doesn’t get any crazy ideas.

Good News

You, The Goat Herd, have stuck together and saved a member of our fly fishing community some serious pain. The rod and reel that was lost a week or so ago was found and returned to its owner. In the end a reward was paid to the finder for his honesty. That reward was a gift certificate to the Gray Goat Market for some goodies to be decided upon. How great is that?

Thanks guys!

I have a story brewing. Will get it to you this week. It swill start something like this.

It was 7:15 p.m. and the 3 deer that stood in the middle of the road on my approach to River Falls seemed contented to engage my truck in a stare-down rather than getting the hell out of the way.