IMG_4635Sunny and calm on the dog walk today. Our snow totals were probably half of what fell in the Cities. Much of that precip went away yesterday. There is still snow on the ground though! I will be taking a drive about this morning if I get my b.. in gear. I need to get to the Post Office before 10 am. My gut tells me that conditions will be variable, with the further east you go in Pierce County the better the water conditions. The upper watersheds will be better than the lower. Small streams will probably be OK.  Mind you this could all change in an instant. It has,,,,,,for the last month. Stay tuned. Waters have been holding more flow(running at higher CFS) without being dirty this year.

Hatches besides the winter stones and midges have not been reported to me. I have not seen any other flying insects over the water. The midges have been thicker than normal IMO. The fish are not always up on them though. A large, short lived #16 BWO is next to come but I tend to stumble on this one rather than see it on a year to year basis. That should show right now. Hatches may be compressed and short lived for the early portion of the season.