Some of our group took an extended stay at the Brule after the first meeting of the Men with Big Balls/Jim’s bachelor party event. Brule theory was offered up by a knowledgable angler who I accidently startled on one of the bigger holes in the river. His focus was so,,, well focused, that he almost jumped out of his wadders when I asked him how the fishing had been. His first comment was that there were no fish in the river (Brule theory #6) Later on in the conversation after he warmed up to our kind demeanor he told us thathe had hooked a few earlier in the morning. Jeff and I were both perplexed but we listened with kind ears and pleasant smiles. He eventually gave up his spot to us.

The boys had some better luck after I left on Sunday  Two of my friends went 10 for 12 in one short run. Mostly chrome fish.  Others had at lest one hook-up per day.

Ball Check

Just got word from today, Saturday. All parking lots were jam packed with anglers all day mayn with no spots left to park at all. Angler sucess was quite variable with slow catching being the ruleHere are a few picks from this week. Ben Sorensen took many of these the sensational photos. Let me know how you did.

I think the small amount of rain and the fact that that the peak of the run is historically the second week in Oct. brought a few more fish in late in the week. Doug got a number of bright fish close to the lake on Thurs and Friday. Really the bit of warm weather made a difference in the bite as well. The water temps were 42 degrees. On cold days the bite was poor. The days we got a reasonable warm up were the best for catching.

Net Fault

Landed Through The Hole In The Net

Bridgeway to Heaven